Flexible Hydraulic Trailer Brake Line Now Available to Assemblers, Manufacurers, Distributors, and Dealers Throughout North America


BluDot, Inc. Now Offers a Hydraulic Brake Line that is a Flexible, Durable and Easy-to-Install Alternative to Metallic Brake Tubing

South Bend, IN - BluDot, Incorporated is proud to announce a new flexible hydraulic brake line applicable to commercial trailer braking systems, marine trailers and utility trailers. As an alternative to the metallic brake tubing, the flexible hydraulic brake line complies with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for hydraulic trailer braking systems. The hydraulic brake line is flexible, durable, easy to install and will not rust or corrode like steel tubing.

New Flexible Design Offers Unique Features

The main features of BluDot’s hydraulic brake line are the non-corrosive element and its ability to maintain structural integrity under extreme weather and environmental conditions. Its lighter weight, elimination of vibration noise, kink and impact resistance and the ability to make tighter bends for easier installation are also features unique to the new design.

Specialized Construction Process

The tube for the flexible hydraulic brake line is made of a high temperature, fluid resistant nylon to prevent rust or corrosion. The reinforcement is of high tensile, low elongation braid, eliminating the impact of stretching or being drawn out. The cover of the hose is made with polyurethane making it resistant to impact and abrasion, as well as being U.V. stabilized.

New Flexible Hydraulic Brake Line Meets Industry Standards and Specifications

The new flexible hydraulic brake line has been tested and certified by an industry recognized testing lab to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety regulations. General specifications include a service temperature range of –40 degrees Fahrenheit to +200 degrees Fahrenheit, WP: 2,000 psi. (4:1 safety factor) and 100 percent pressure tested.

For more information about BluDot and its Flexible Hydraulic Brake Line, contact a sales representative at (574) 277-2306; write to the company at BluDot, Inc., 4335 Meghan Beeler Court, South Bend, IN 46628 or visit the company's website at www.Bludotinc.com.